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Brief Information About Heart Healthy Diet Foods You Should Avoid

Brief Information About Heart Healthy Diet Foods You Should Avoid (1)

You might be aware of the fact that the foods you eat normally affect the health of your heart along with your entire body.

The risk for heart diseases can be reduced in many ways by improving your diet or avoiding certain foods. Along with improving the function of your blood vessels and heart you can also prevent obesity by modifying your eating habits. Certain heart healthy diet foods to avoid are listed here under to help you in controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, insulin levels and blood sugar to lead a healthy life.

Processed and highly refined carbohydrates and grains:

Brief Information About Heart Healthy Diet Foods You Should Avoid (1)You should either avoid these foods completely in your routine diet or eat not more than 7 servings of one ounce each per week to keep your heart healthy, according to various studies. They have linked the intake of whole grain instead of refined carbs and low fibre cereals along with starch rich potatoes to lower the risk of various fatal diseases including heart issues.

According to them the processed and refined foods can be harmful for your heart as many healthy ingredients like minerals, dietary fibres, fatty acids and phytochemicals get destroyed while processing them along with their destroying natural structure. Moreover certain unhealthy contents like sweeteners etc. are added to the processed foods during processing them.

Soft and sugary drinks:

According to various researchers one should either avoid drinking sugary soft drinks or do not take more than seven servings of 8 ounce each in a week to reduce the risk of heart problems. Drinking sugary drinks like sweetened fruit or sports drinks or sodas can increase your calorie intake to a great extent. These sugary drinks are equally harmful to your heart as the consumption of refined carbohydrates and processed foods.

It has been proved that your body remains unable to calculate the amount of calories you are taking in through these sugary soft drinks. This additional calorie intake will help in increasing your weight along with other adverse effects on your heart and entire body.

Processed meat:Brief Information About Heart Healthy Diet Foods You Should Avoid (2)

This food should either be ignored completely or should not be consumed more than 2 servings of 2-3 ounces per week to keep your heart risk free, according to various health experts. They have proved that processed meat contains various harmful ingredients like nitrite, salts along with other preservatives to preserve it for long.

So heart healthy diet foods to avoid can help you in keeping your heart free from various health problems.