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What It Mean When The Doctor Says No More Chemo (1)

What It Mean When The Doctor Says No More Chemo

During the treatment’s course, your doctor may talk to you about the possibility of discontinuing your chemotherapy if it is taking a toll on you or in some cases where your body might not be responding to the treatment. When this time eventually comes, your doctor will inevitably have to call your family and yourself to advise on the next stage. During this period, it is of vital importance that you remember you will still get the best care and support that you need. There are some questions that you might harbor during this phase when the doctor says no more chemo. Some of those questions and their answers are as follows.

Why stop the chemotherapy?

What this means is that the cancerous cells are no longer responding to the treatment, or the chemo will do you more harm than good eventually. You need to know that when chemotherapy is stopped, it does not mean that all hope is lost as a lot of patients actually gone on to do well after the chemo is stopped. It should give you time actually to do things that make you happy and make your life fulfilled.

What if you think stopping treatment is not the best course yet?

A lot of doctors feel like the term stopping treatment’ is not right. What you should know is that what this means is that the doctor feels like chemotherapy is not the best route for you this far. There has to be a careful consideration from your doctor before he can give you this news. It also means that there are no good available options for treating your cancer. You will, however, still receive medical care, it just won’t involve any pain or infections or even hospitalizations. You will still be accorded with the best care when any problem arises, so any discomfort is taken care of immediately as it pops up.

What It Mean When The Doctor Says No More Chemo (1)

How can you know this is the right step?

It is imperative that chemotherapy is not stopped too soon; however, stopping it too late too can have its consequences. You should know that there are always other treatment options out there for you to look at and try. Your doctor might prescribe a different type of chemotherapy which might seem like a natural step for you but in reality, it is not the right move to make. At this stage, it is important to know that more chemotherapy will just be using up more time that you could spend doing other quality things with your life. More chemotherapy might even shorten one’s life in a lot of cases.